portraitSteven Welty is a expert in airborne infectious diseases, air filtration/purification systems and HVAC energy efficiency. Steve uses proprietary computer modeling programs to design airborne infection control systems using ultraviolet light, photocatalytic oxidation (PCO), and low pressure drop nano-rated H.E.P.A. filters. Steve uses his expertise as an airborne infectious diseases investigator to solve airborne infection issues in hospitals, office buildings, schools and homes.

Steve has designed top secret bioterrorism air purification systems for the Federal Government.  He designed, specified and supervised the installation of the airborne bioterrorism protection system in the most secure building in Washington, DC.

Steve is a CIE (Certified Indoor Air Environmentalist), a CAFS (Certified Air Filtration Specialist) and a LEED® AP Green Building Professional. These certifications qualify Mr. Welty to take extensive readings using advanced instrumentation and to procure airborne and surface microbial samples in buildings in order to determine the source(s) of illness that are impacting the occupants.

Since it’s creation in 2008, Mr. Welty has been either the chairman or co-chairman of the Indoor Environmental Standards Organization (IESO) committee which is writing a new school mold & Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) standard: “Standard Guide for the Inspection of an Educational Facility for Moisture Intrusion and Mold Growth”. This ANSI® standard is nearing completion and will be available for public review and comment in early 2014.

Mr. Welty has extensively lectured on and written articles about airborne infectious diseases, HVAC energy efficiency, indoor air quality, air filtration along with and dry and liquid desiccant dehumidification and humidification systems.  He has briefed the Federal Agencies on the relationship between airborne influenza and “flu season” along with how the SARS pandemic started in both 2009 and 2013 at the EPA in Washington, DC.  Read his articles and see his presentations within this website.

Mr. Welty’s consultation fees are $295 per hour for corporate clients and $195 for residential clients. He has extensively donated his time pro-bono to help schools which have mold problems and solved this problem at one of the sickest schools in Montgomery County MD.  He has also donated his time pro-bono to help houses of worship which have mold problems and IAQ problems.

Steve is the President of Green Clean Air based in Reston, VA.

He can be reached at: Steve@GreenCleanAir.com, or by calling him @ 703.927.7532.