Article1Solving Indoor Airborne Disease Transmission Problems Click Here

Read Steve Welty’s 2011 article on the dangers of toilet flush aerosolization of bacteria and viruses. He outlines how to reduce airborne diseases such as H1N1, MRSA, C-Diff and Norovirus through properly designed bathroom ventilation, specifically recommending supply and exhaust vent placement.  In addition, proper room pressurization, filtration, and sterilization systems can all help to prevent the aerosolized airborne disease transmission of infectious bacteria and viruses. See his 2013 EPA presentation (on the Presentation page) showing how toilet aerosolization started the 2003 SARS worldwide pandemic.

Article2Save Lives: Become a Mechanical Engineer Click here

Read Steve Welty’s 2010 article on why flu season is created by dry indoor air which happens in the wintertime!  Explore Steve’s advice that by controlling a building’s indoor humidity, you can reduce infectious airborne influenza viruses and prevent them from making people sick. See his 2013 EPA presentation (on the Presentation page) for the connection between low indoor humidity and “flu season”.

Article3Liquid Desiccant Dehumidification Click here

Read Steve Welty ’s 2010 article on why Liquid Desiccant Dehumidification (LDD) systems can provide both humidification and also reduce the cost of dehumidifying air!   The LDD system he predicted would prevent mold and bacteria from growing on cooling coils and therefore prevent airborne germs from flying into occupied spaces, has finally been created and is being tested in buildings with superior results since 2014.

Article4How Humidification Affects Health, Mold and Airborne Germs Click here

Read Steve Welty’s 2010 article on why the correct humidity balance for a “healthy” building mechanical. He talks about “mold soup” and includes the concept of proper building pressurization.  He outlines using Liquid Desiccant humidification systems to create “perfect humidity” which overcomes the problems of humidifying air inside buildings.