People and Buildings can spread airborne infectious diseases through viruses, bacteria and fungi.  Solutions describe what strategies and tools are available to help prevent people from being infected.  Click on the above sections to see more information on all sections along with Steven Welty’s original papers and presentations.  To contact us, click on “our services“.


How do people eject viruses and bacteria into the air? How do flu viruses, bacteria and fungi infect people?  Why is there such a thing as a “flu season”?  See how viruses, bacteria and fungi interact with humans, and how people help to spread influenza viruses.


How far can airborne flu viruses travel in a room or building?  How do viruses travel within HVAC systems?  And what conditions increase airborne flu virus survival?   See how viruses interact with buildings and the humans within them.


What technologies are available to sterilize, capture and/or kill airborne viruses, bacteria and fungi so that they don’t infect people?  See technical solutions that solve the problem of airborne disease transmission.